• What's Bugging You?, How to make better decisions, Let's Negotiate

    Set of 3 maps

  • How to Make Better Decisions contains an algorithm with nine tools which should help you resolve any dilemma, quickly and easily.

    How to make better decisions map

  • Let's Negotiate map contains 15 beautifully illustrated fun tips to help you and your partner hone those skills.

    Let's Negotiate

  • The map is a powerful seven step coaching exercise which all the team tried and it worked for us!

    What's Bugging You? map

  • Get to know almost 40 beautifully illustrated pets and discover what they think, feel, do and want.

    The illustrated map of marvellous pets

  • Be Present Perfect takes you to the world of gift giving helping you get and give the right gifts for the right people every time

    Give great presents that people really want