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Mapology Guides


"We’ve been fans of Mapology Guides since the very beginning; they’ve got *just* the right balance between helping us to learn, challenging thoughts, empowering actions and affirming who we are." Nick


Mapology Guides are illustrated self-help maps for life’s ever-evolving journey. Colourful, playful, empowering and thought-provoking, their main purpose is to help you build an emotional toolkit as you navigate your way through life.

With themes like 'how to deal with overthinking', 'how to befriend uncertainty' and 'how to say NO" - you'll gain a new perspective and cultivate greater inner awareness. They are designed to inspire, educate and transform.

Why maps? Maps present information about the world in a simple, visual way. They lend order to complex environments and are beautiful.

Humans are complex beings, but despite different backgrounds, cultures and beliefs we all really share the same feelings, emotions and worries. 

Our colourful fold-out maps will help lend order to your internal world. You will gain self-knowledge and travel from a dilemma, question or something that's niggling you, to a helpful resolution. Oh, and did we mention they are beautiful too?

Showing different logos of magazines where Mapology Guides has been featured

We were truly humbled that Mapology Guides was nominated in the PRODUCTS OF 2020 category of The Independent Awards 2020 - created by Holly & Co. and spearheaded by Holly Tucker, founder of Not On The High Street.

The awards were established to showcase and recognise the very best creative small businesses across the UK. 50,000 nominations whittled down to 118 across six categories and WE WERE ONE OF THEM! #proudmoment


The Independent awards, Holly & Co.



Our vibrant fold-out maps are for people interested in creativity, personal development, mental health and well-being. They can be used on one's own, with a friend(s), partner, work colleague or family member. Numerous coaches and therapists use them as a tool with their clients. They also make for a great gift and we know that many frame them as posters.

Every map features a writer and illustrator. We use metaphors - utilising language and imagery - to make the complex subjects engaging.

All Mapology Guides products are proudly designed and printed in London, UK. We use sustainable materials and everything is litho-printed on FSC certified paper. All our packaging is UK manufactured and plastic free - our maps come in biodegradable film bags.


Cartographer of Emotions 

Mapology Guides launched in 2015 and are curated, designed and published by Mapology Guides Limited, a venture co-founded by Tina Bernstein, designer and creative entrepreneur.

Tina has a BA Honours degree in Graphic Design from Central Saint Martins and in the past has worked as a designer and business consultant for the creative industries. With a strong background in psychology, Mapology Guides arose from her passion to find different ways to empower individuals to adopt their own approach to mindfulness, well-being and personal development. 

Her love for printed maps and illustration gave her the idea for format and execution. 

Tina is passionate about health and plant-based food. She likes inspiring people to find inner fulfillment, live life according to their own rules and is a proud female founder over 50.

You can learn more about Tina by listening to her episode (45) on Holly Tucker's podcast 'Conversations of Inspiration'.