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"Why? What purpose are you serving?" our business coach asked. "Everyone has an array of problems and dilemmas, from small to big and trivial to very serious ones" Tina said, adding "If we know how to ask better questions, we inevitably get better answers and in turn get better results when dealing with 'life stuff' - whether it's choosing a new pet, negotiating whose family to spend Christmas with, asking for a pay rise or deciding whether to date that girl or not…"

Mike chipped in. "Sure, there are clever books you can read, interesting courses you can go on and brilliant people you can talk to. They may all be great, but they are not for everyone." 

"Exactly, and that's why we came up with something different and new." Tina replied.

There are many ways to learn, take in new information and create change. As designers we wanted to emphasise visual and bite-sized learning, which resulted in our illustrated problem solving maps that are playful and thought-provoking. We use mapping techniques (despite the non-geographic themes) to communicate our message and hope that the reader will be inspired to travel from a dilemma or question to a helpful resolution.

Every map features a different writer and illustrator, utilising language and imagery to make the complex subjects engaging. 
All Mapology Guides products are printed in London, UK. We use sustainable materials and everything is litho-printed on FSC certified paper.


Mapology Guides launched at the end of 2014 and are curated and produced by Mapology Guides Limited, a joint venture between Tina Bernstein, entrepreneur, designer and blogger - and Mike Abrahams, designer and artist.
As of January 2017, Tina has taken sole ownership of Mapology Guides Limited. Mike remains part of the Mapology family.
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