How do you deal with uncertainty?

Every generation has its challenges - we're always faced with uncertainty in life, but are often not consciously aware of it. Right now, many of us have heads full of the global pandemic, environmental concerns, political upheaval, financial worries as well as the things that cause internal turmoil. 

The truth is that even before the global pandemic our futures were as unknown as they are today. The only certainty in life is uncertainty.

The difference here is that with the pandemic we all went into panic - quite understandably so. Our brains are wired to be very alert in such extreme uncertainties.

Pandemic aside, comparison, feelings of anxiety, lack of self worth can feel like a storm that never breaks, leaving us on the rocks. We're overwhelmed and in danger of going overboard. But like a pearl in an oyster, challenges often have opportunities concealed deep within. The trick is figuring out where the treasure is buried.

No sailor would head out to sea without a thorough check of their vessel, a life raft, and sea sickness tablets! In this map we show you a few ways to prepare yourself for the exciting journey ahead and build resilience on the way.

This Mapology Guide will help you:

figure out the likely causes of uncertainty
• learn to adapt and become resilient
• conquer fear and dive into the unknown.

Concept and Design
Tina Bernstein
Ben Langworthy
Lottie Storey

A2 (420x594mm) folded to A6 (105x148mm)
Litho-printed in London on FSC certified paper and by an FSC and ISO 14001 certified printer.

The map comes sleeved in a clear bio-degradable and compostable bag.
Everything in our supply chain and packaging is plastic free and environment friendly.