Launching brand new Mapology Guides

Posted on July 01, 2016 by Tina Bernstein

We're ecstatic to announce the launch of our brand new Mapology Guides. They've been in the works for many months and it is always such a labour of love.

Selecting our contributors is a very exciting, yet challenging part as we try and make sure we'll have a great working relationship and that they'll be able to grasp the Mapology thinking method. All this takes time. So when we unveil new maps, it very much feels like a birth.

May I present our brand new maps to you.

Let's Negotiate mapLet's Negotiate //Concept and Design Mike Abrahams and Tina Bernstein // Illustrator Ana Jaks // Writer Daniel Dresner

Let's Negotiate mapDetail of Let's Negotiate map

Do you ever negotiate in your relationships? Hmm,we do it on a daily basis with loved ones, friends and family, often unaware that we're actually doing it. As very few of us are trained in how to negotiate, many situations can end in misunderstanding at best and conflict at worst.

Let's Negotiate contains 15 beautifully illustrated fun tips to help you hone those skills. That way you’ll be better at navigating the inevitable choppy waters of every relationship.

How to make better decisionsHow to Make Better Decisions //Concept and Design Mike Abrahams and Tina Bernstein // Illustrator Sarah Edmonds // Writer Robert Twigger

Decision making map

Do you struggle to make decisions, from what to eat for lunch to asking for a pay rise? Do you panic at the thought of dealing with your dilemmas? Imagine if decision making was easy. How to Make Better Decisions contains an algorithm with nine tools which should help you resolve any dilemma, quickly and easily.

Why not hop over to the online shop where they've just been uploaded. Give us a few weeks to get them to retail shops. 

Oh, one more thing. We're also unveiling our atelier. Go and see what that's all about.

Nanna Koekoek Illustration

Posted on June 28, 2016 by Tina Bernstein

As we're counting down to the launch of our brand new Mapology Guides, we're taking a look at our existing talented illustrators.

Meet Nanna Koekoek, who is the illustrator of our map of marvellous pets.

Meet Marvellous petsFor more images see the map in our shop. Image © Mapology Guides Limited

Nanna produced this charming zine called Nanzine so that people can learn a little bit more about her. I cherish my copy.

Nanna Nanzine

Nanna Nanzine 2

Nanna Nanzine 3Images of Nanzine © Nanna Koekoek

Except working on new commissions, Nanna also helped us with a project for our Atelier.

We were asked by Burgess to come up with a guide for feeding rabbits that they could give away to their veterinary customers. Nanna did the illustrations in record time. Aren't they gorgeous?

Burgess, Poster for feeding rabbits, guide to feed rabbits, rabbits, vets

Burgess, Poster, Guide to feed your rabbit, Mapology Guides

Burgess, Guide to feed your rabbit, poster, Mapology GuidesImages of Burgess Poster © Mapology Guides Limited

We can't wait to do another project with Nanna.

Roman Krznaric - Carpe Diem Reclaimed

Posted on April 03, 2016 by Tina Bernstein

Roman Krznaric is a cultural thinker and writer on the art of living and social change. His bestselling books have included Empathy, The Wonderbox and How to Find Fulfilling Work. They have been published in over 20 languages. Roman’s writings have been widely influential amongst political and environmental campaigners, education reformers, social entrepreneurs, psychologists and designers.

His new book is being crowdfunded on Unbound and has already reached over 50% of its funding. Carpe diem means to seize the day! The book explores how the spirit of carpe diem has been hijacked by consumer culture, 24/7 entertainment and the mindfulness movement, and how we can claim it back for the art of living and social change.




Seth Godin live Q&A in London

Posted on November 02, 2015 by Tina Bernstein

If you're into marketing or into Entrepreneurship, you would have heard of Seth Godin.

So, who is Seth Godin? He's an American best selling author, entrepreneur, marketer, blogger and public speaker. His popular daily blog is gospel to many people and his TED talk: the tribes we lead is one of my favourites. Seth has written 18 books.

So why am I telling you all this? Ah, because in a few hours I'll be one of the lucky people to experience Seth Godin live Q&A in London and I am beyond excited!

Nearly five hours of Q&A, covering strategy, tactics and the revolution we're all living in, this full-day intensive, for like-minded people, is aimed at providing us with a foundation to leap. This is our chance to meet fellow "ruckusmakers", ask questions, and most of all, learn from the challenges others are facing.

All tickets sold within a couple of days and all attendees were invited to join the live Slack group.

You don't have to loose out. In 2014, Seth created three courses on Skillshare:

The New Business Insider - learn to understand and build new projects and businesses. Among the top-rated courses on Skillshare.
Learn more.

The Modern Marketing Workshop - the definitive marketing course online, more than 10,000 students have enrolled.
Learn more.

The Impresario Institute - Build and lead a tribe, recorded in front of a live audience.
Learn more.


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it's my party at the museum of childhood

Posted on September 09, 2015 by Tina Bernstein

The It's My Party display stopped me in my tracks as I entered the Museum of Childhood.

It takes a look at children's birthday parties from the perspective of both children and parents. The centrepiece is a life-sized installation telling the story of Wilfred, a shy resident of the Museum. Wilfred doesn't want to celebrate his birthday, but regrets his decision when he finds himself all alone on the day with a solitary cupcake. The story has a happy ending, as Wilfred's friends organise a surprise party, with a lavish feast and gifts that money can't buy.

it's my party at the museum of childhood

it's my party at the museum of childhood

it's my party at the museum of childhood

it's my party at the museum of childhood

The museum questions whether the expectations of children's birthday parties have escalated out of control? Does expense and scale necessarily equal the best' party or are there less indulgent ways of making birthdays special, memorable events? 

Artists and children from Rushmore Primary School Hackney, and St John's Primary School Tower Hamlets, have collaborated to create the installation 'Wilfred's Party', a party with a difference.

On one display a box with gift labels suggests alternative gifts which cost time and not money such as ‘play with them every day’, ‘sing them a song’ and ‘dress up in a funny costume to make them laugh’ .

We at Mapology Guides couldn't agree more. It's not always about money, the best, the most expensive. It's about the right present. But then we published a map on the subject.

The exhibition runs until 4th October 2015 and entry is free. For more information see

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online learning platforms

Posted on September 02, 2015 by Tina Bernstein

We all know how technology has changed so many industries. One such industry is education and how we learn.

Who remembers the afternoon Photoshop courses in a dark basement office for the price of £700 per delegate? I do! Well, those days are over. Not quite it seems, there are still people out there making a mint in teaching courses like photoshop for a day or weekend, but this time they're held in beautiful big white warehouse spaces surrounded by food, balloons and flowers.

These days I mostly opt for online courses because these new breed of online platforms have really transformed the way we can now learn a new skill or simply satisfy a hobby.

Here are my two preferred online platforms and I can't recommend their courses enough. I've taken quite a few and will highlight some of my favourites.


Classes taken and recommended:

The modern marketing workshop
Seth Godin

The new business toolbox: help your new business do it right the first time
Seth Godin

Become a connector: the impresario institute
Seth Godin

Illustrating Patterns: Creating hand-Drawn Wallpaper
Julia Rothman, Illustrator

Character Illustrations: From feelings to Faces
Christine Flemming (linked to all her classes)

Map making: Learn how to communicate places beautifully
Anne Ditmeyer (linked to all her classes)

Photoshop Yourself: Learn how to Transform a Portrait
Ty, W... Designer & Illustrator

Basic Watercolours: learn painting with Paper Fashion
Katie Rodgers

For anyone looking to make a career as an illustrator, go check out Lisa Congdon's newest class (launched yesterday 1st September).
Professional Practice in illustration: Following a creative brief and executing an Assignment.
You can also read Lisa's announcement of her new class.

Now to the second platform, equally brilliant and focusing on craft classes and workshops.


My favourite so far has been

Sketchbook Explorations
Lisa Congdon

I'm excited for these new classes, amongst them a New Sketchbook explorations class by Lisa Congdon.

As we've approached Autumn and days are getting shorter, I look forward to learning as much as I can.

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The very first Empathy Museum

Posted on August 17, 2015 by Tina Bernstein

I've been an avid follower of Roman Krznaric since the day I met him in 2008 at a panel discussion in London. I've read his books and have been following his journey towards his overriding passion of opening an Empathy museum.

A few years ago, Roman was so kind to grant me an in-depth interview which you can read here.

In his latest book 'Empathy - Why It Matters, and How to Get It', Roman talks about "how we can boost our empathy and use it to improve our relationships, enhance our creativity, rethink our priorities in life, and tackle social problems from everyday prejudice to violent conflicts." Empathy, Krznaric argues, has the power to transform relationships, from the personal to the political, and create fundamental social change.

Since the book launch Roman has founded an online Empathy Library, a digital treasure house to share inspiring books and films to spark a global empathy revolution.

a digital treasure house to share inspiring books and films to spark a global empathy revolution - See more at: treasure house

The 4th September sees the opening of the the world’s first Empathy Museum, launching its inaugural exhibition, A Mile in My Shoes, on the Thames riverside in London as part of the Totally Thames festival.

A Mile in My Shoes is an empathy shoe shop, where visitors are invited to walk in the actual shoes of another person, ranging from a paediatric brain surgeon and a market trader to a refugee and a chess grand master. While walking along for a mile in someone else’s shoes you are immersed in an audio narrative of their life.

To help support the launch the Empathy Museum team have started a crowd funding campaign at Indiegogo to raise the additional £15,000 they need to house the exhibit in a specially designed giant shoebox, and then tour it around the world. Their first international exhibit will be in Australia in 2016, with many more countries keen to have them come and exhibit.

The campaign is still running for 10 days. It would be great if you would take a look and make a pledge. It only takes a few minutes.

Additionally you can share the campaign page link on twitter, facebook and other channels. Sample tweet: Join the Empathy Revolution and support the launch of the world’s first @empathymuseum