In the dictionary, an atelier is a workshop or studio, predominantly used by artists and designers.

Our atelier was established in 2015 and during that time has created, designed and published nine Mapology Guides, together with a selection of posters and postcards. New Mapology Guides are currently being developed and will launch every quarter.

We're always delighted to partner with businesses and organisations who share our ethos and values to help them better communicate by using our non-geographic mapping techniques. 

Burgess26Second Home and We Coproduce (in partnership with NHS England) are some of the organisations we've had the pleasure to work with. 

To create a Mapology Guide, we utilise our large pool of specialist writers and illustrators who have been through our process and now fully understand the Mapology thinking method. 

• Mapology Guides™️ solve a specific problem for the reader in one neat,  beautiful package.
• We combine illustration with creative writing in a distinctive format that can communicate complex ideas and information. 
• A physical Mapology Guide is a treasured item kept on desks, in notebooks, or pinned to walls to refer to again and again over time.
• Our tangible and beautiful printed guides can reach tens of thousands, as they are incredibly cost effective to reproduce.

The atelier is directed by Tina Bernstein.

Do you have a project we can help with? Get in touch if you'd like to know more about how a bespoke Mapology Guide can help you communicate with your audience. We'd love to have a conversation. Why not ping us an email.



Burgess asked us to map a feeding guide for rabbits for their veterinary customers. We worked closely with Burgess's in-house vet and created a traffic light system to illustrate what foods were Daily (green) / Treats (orange) / Toxic (red) for rabbits. Our lovely illustrator Nanna Koekoek put her magic to the illustrations in record time (thank you Nanna). The map is now being reprinted for the third time, such has been its success.

Burgess Guide to Feeding your rabbit


Burgess Guide to feeding your rabbit



26 is a diverse group of people who share a love of words, and believe their potential is hugely underestimated. Many members of 26 are professional writers, language specialists, editors, designers or publishers. As part of their annual Wordstock festival, we were invited to hold a workshop on the power of mapping. The topic – 'Mapping Your Future'.

We started by asking our room full of writers to show us how they would map their future. In typical style, they all held up papers arranged as linear lists.

26, writers, workshop on mapping

We then told them that their tablecloth wasn't there because we were going to serve lunch. No, it was the background to the mind maps that they were going to prepare. 

26 workshop, workshop, writers, 26, writers, workshops

This 'geographical' approach helped them reveal a much fuller, holistic picture of their actual complex lives and the land of their dreams and allowed them to work out a route to get from one to the other.
Thank you 26 for inviting us!