Are you asking the right questions?

It doesn't matter if you're gently baffled, incurably curious, seeking focus or hunting out the truth, it's important to understand the power of asking the right questions.

We live in a world that values answers. In school we were taught how to answer questions in exams. At work we are conditioned to know the answers and have solutions. But how do you figure out if you're asking the right questions?

Questions and answers are by definition linked together but they are a very different skillset. Seeking answers is more of a process of elimination. But asking questions is a process of expansion. 

If you want to feel more in control, better understood or more engaged with the world (and much else in between), asking the right questions can fill you with confidence. The right questions are ones that will help you understand yourself and the world you live in. Forget 'why does this always happen to me?' It's time to start asking: 'what's bugging me?' 'how can I make better decisions?' and what would I do if I couldn't fail?'. Questions that lead to more questions and further thinking and imagination.

In this guide you’ll find a rich world of examples, ideas and techniques all designed to help you in your search for answers by honing the skill of asking the right questions. 

This Mapology Guide will help you:

• ask more and better questions
• with examples of the RIGHT questions
• discover tips to use questions to your advantage

Concept and Design
Tina Bernstein

Nanna Koekoek
Robbie Dale

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