Valentine oh Valentine

Posted on February 12, 2015 by Tina Bernstein

Valentine's Day is a curious phenomena and many either love or loathe it. Let's not judge, but let's use this day to be mindful about relationships and how we can learn to appreciate each other.

Some vibrant Anemones – Tina Bernstein

Now, of course I'm no expert at it all but I wanted to use this post to suggest some alternative ways to 'gift' to each other on this day. And gifting does not necessarily only mean goods bought with monetary value.

Read this wonderful post by Content Beauty & Wellbeing on the Ancient Art of Gift Giving.

© Content Beauty & Wellbeing

I have to start with our own Be Present Perfect map, a helpful guide to get the right gifts for everyone, every time. With over 250+ suggestions you'll find something for everyone. There's a 14% discount until Valentine's Day so be a step ahead of everyone.

Then there is the DIY method. All around the world, people send each other Snail mail. Yep, you read correctly. That still does exist. I recently got this beautiful package sent to me by Giova from One Bunting Away. Get on making!

I've been into health and the magical healing powers of nutritional food since 1993 when I visited my first nutritionist. I've read many health food books and have had first hand experience with many health practitioners. We live in a society where everyone is advocating another way of eating. The truth is that we're all individuals and have to find the right way for us and our families. It's a maze out there.

I cannot recommend the The Art of Eating Well by the fantastic Hemsley+Hemsley sisters enough. It's the definitive tome of everything you need to know about eating a healthy diet for you and your family. Packed with great tips, tricks, recipes and a wealth of information, this would make a perfect gift for man, woman, family member.


My own copy.

Staying in for Valentine's Night? If you haven't heard of it yet, let me introduce you to the Empathy Library founded by Empathy guru extraordinaire Roman Krznaric. You can read my interview with Roman.

The Empathy Library is a digital treasure house to share inspiring books and films to spark a global empathy revolution. The perfect reading and viewing for couples at anytime of the year. Why not join the library.

The exciting news is that this summer sees the world’s first Empathy Museum. An experiential adventure space that I cannot wait to visit. What better than to experience for us to step into the shoes of others and explore the world through their eyes. The Museum will launch online and at the Southbank Centre in London.


To conclude, yes, by all means celebrate Valentine's Day, gift each other, be nice to each other. On a wider scale it's good to be mindful at all times of what we appreciate and love about each other all year round.

I simply had to include this wonderful short clip by The School of Life.


Happy Valentine's Day people.

Approaching Valentine's Day

Posted on February 03, 2015 by Tina Bernstein

Yes, that word can have all sorts of connotations. For some, Valentine's Day is the epitome of romantic love. For others it's simply commercial trash.

Whichever camp you reside in, we here at Mapology Guides don't judge. What we are, however, passionate about is giving and receiving gifts and presents that people actually want!

It seems that this is easier said than done and statistics tell us that 60% of people got 'unwanted' Christmas gifts last December.

Until the 14th February, get 14% off our Be Present Perfect map and see whether you can beat that statistic.

For something more tailor-made presents we have some Mapology Guide's unique Valentine's Gifts.

Personalised card
Commission Nanna Koekoek, the brilliant illustrator of the Mapology Guide Would Like to Meet, to draw a portrait of your loved one and hand letter five things you love about them. Full colour, A5 on card, £25+pp. Click on her ETSY site where you can find out more.
Last orders 10 February, so hurry!!!

Jack The Ripper Blue Badge guided tour for Romantics
Book Simon Rodway, writer of the Mapology Guide Being Present Perfect, to take you and your loved one on a spectacular 'Jack The Ripper Blue Badge guided tour for Romantics’ for only £80 for two (usual price £160). Adds a new twist to the expression 'loving you to death'! To book contact Simon direct.

Whatever and however you decide to mark Valentine's Day, we hope you have a swell time. 

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CONTENT - beauty & wellbeing curates: new year collection

Posted on January 20, 2015 by Tina Bernstein

We've been fans of the wonderful Content - Beauty & Wellbeing for ages. For those of you, who don't know them they're London's leading organic and natural apothecary. See the post I wrote.

Content curates limited edition collections that sell out fast! They've had a Limited Edition - Love Collection, a Summer Wellbeing Festival Collection, a Great British Beauty Collection. We're very honoured to be part of their latest Limited Edition New Year Collection.

In this curated collection they've selected some of their favourite therapeutic products for creating a detoxifying bathing ritual at home, along with their new Content Cleanse Tea and supplements and snacks to help you start the year right. Inside, you'll also find our What's Bugging You? map. Here's what they said about it:

'What's Bugging You' Mapology Guide - One of favourite new launches of 2014 was the Mapology Guides and this one is great to get your New Year starting on the right foot. How we tackle life’s little (and sometimes big) dilemmas says much about us. With help, we can find ways to address these things that bother us, and move on. The map is a powerful seven step coaching exercise which all the team tried and it worked for us. Fun and useful!"

Get your hands on one of this New Year Collection. With a value of £40 and with a tag price of £28, you can't go wrong!


New Year - New You!

Posted on January 12, 2015 by Tina Bernstein

A very happy New Year to everyone.

It's been a busy couple of months for Mapology Guides. Christmas is over. Apparently over 60% of us got unwanted gift. Were you one of them?

January is always a difficult month for people. Post holidays, gloomy weather conditions, work challenges. Did you know that there is a Blue Monday? No? It's the third Monday in January and considered the worst day of the year. In 2015 it falls onto Monday 19th January.

The good news is that help is at hand. Why not help yourself with our What's Bugging You map? Make a fresh start, dust off those cobwebs and make this year your best yet!

We are very fortunate to have John-Paul Flintoff, the writer of this map join us for a Tweet chat on 19th January at midday UK time. The hashtag is #WBUBLUE Why not join us and better still, why not send in your questions for John-Paul ahead of the Tweet chat? You might want to know how to use the map or ask something specific.
Meet John-Paul.

And because we want to help you make this year your best yet we are currently offering a 19% discount in the shop when you buy a What's Bugging You? map. Ends Tuesday 20th January.

Don't have a Blue Monday, have a Yellow one instead.

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Small Business Saturday

Posted on December 06, 2014 by Tina Bernstein

Here at Mapology Guides we have all been great supporters of small businesses. It is always encouraging when big corporate companies help out the smaller ones.

The same way we encourage to 'shop local' when it comes to food, we believe that to support small businesses in all industries is an important factor. Let's face it, small businesses are the heart of our economy.

American Express is behind the Small Business Saturday UK version, now in it's second year. I remember being really impressed with their marketing last year.

In 2013 over £460 million was spent in small businesses on the day. A fantastic achievement. Let's hope the figure is even higher this year.

Small businesses need all the help they can get. Often run by creative and passionate people who work hard and believe in doing some good along the way. What better excuse does one need to support them?

Mapology Guides is such one business. Very small, very new, with a flock of creative and passionate people. We welcome your support.

Foremost, however, it's about supporting any small business, online, offline, on local high streets and in quirky spots. It means the world to all of us.

One recent wonderful campaign to stop small shops and galleries from closing is the JUST A CARD campaign. In an effort to highlight the plight of small shops and galleries, The Design Trust, Mollie Makes and Sarah Hamilton Prints joined forces on this campaign to emphasise just how important and invaluable every single purchase is.

To every single businesses around the UK, we salute you.


Our very first press coverage!

Posted on November 14, 2014 by Tina Bernstein

When you launch a new venture it is always nerve-racking. That's when the real work starts..... getting out there, finding stockists, making a name for yourself, keeping up with Social Media..... the list goes on. You hope that people will like it as much as you do and that you will find your audience.

What is wonderful and humbling is when you get written about in a way you can only dream about. That's when you learn how other people see your creation.

As our second week 'out in the world' comes to an end, it is with great pride that we've been featured on three separate blogs and zines.

Thank you to Doris Lee of Interiornovice for a great post (revealing her favourite map) and giveaway (you can still enter).

Thank you to Gerard McGuickin of Walnut Grey Design for the amazing words (such a great wordsmith)!

Thank you to Igor Josif of Happy Interior Blog for a truly 'happy' post (he is Mr Happy)

Thank you guys. Happy weekend everyone.

Happy Hours at Mapology Guides HQ

Posted on November 02, 2014 by Tina Bernstein

Phew. Where to begin?

Well, for now, let's start at the end. It's been an exciting rollercoaster... and without the incredible talent we have on board, none of this would have materialised.

A few days ago, after the initial panic has subsided, we all got together (except Simon) and shared a little bubbly, some baked cheesecake, a tale or two and a whole lot of laughter. After all, it's time to celebrate the birth of Mapology Guides.

We got the teams to sign their respective posters. Here they go.... 

Jenni Sparks, illustrator (left) and John-Paul Flintoff, writer (Team: What's Bugging You?)

Nanna Koekoek, illustrator (left) and Sarah Farley, writer (Team: Matchmaking pets & people)

Miranda Sofroniou, illustrator, looking a little lost without her team partner Simon Rodway, who sadly couldn't join us. (Team: Be Present Perfect)

If you want to read up on the beginnings of Mapology Guides and some of the creative process, hop over to my blog for a full reveal! 

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