A long overdue catch up!

Posted on February 11, 2017 by Tina Bernstein

It's been quiet here on the blog. The reason being that we have been rushed off our feet since the launch of our latest maps.

That's good news, right? Well, yes, but we do feel we have neglected our little journal here.

OK, today is about some cool stuff we came across with a little bit of mentions about our maps too.

We are great fans of the guys at Escape the City. Jonny Miller, tribe leader @Escthecity and all round great guy, wrote this 100 list to commemorate that he was born just over 10,000 days ago. A GREAT 17 minutes read.


Valentine's flatlay from Papersmiths
Lovely Valentine's display from @paper_smiths in Bristol (one of our stockists) featuring our Let's Negotiate map.

Do you wish you could create something meaningful? Do you wish you had the time to work on that thing you’ve always wanted to produce—that novel, that piece of art, that passion project? Then read this:

It's Mental Health Awareness week in May. It's something that is still not talked about enough. We've been humbled by being chosen as one of the products for February's Blurt Buddy Box from the inspiring Blurt Foundation, an organisation to increase awareness and understanding of Depression.

What's Bugging You maps
Some of the maps being bagged up for the Blurt Foundation Buddy Box

Watch the inspiring TED talk by Jayne Hardy, the founder of The Blurt Foundation, entitled: What you don't see about depression.

Dear Stranger, a collection of letters from a range of authors to an imagined stranger on the theme of hope and happiness is on sale from today - in aid of Mind. The collection, published by Mind charity partner Penguin Random House, sees authors including Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington, Matt Haig, Caitlin Moran, Kevin Bridges and Marian Keyes offer their innermost thoughts on what happiness means to them.
Read Sir Richard Branson's letter.

We love Thoughtful, digital magazine, studio and community bringing thoughtful, creative people together to change the world. Created by Daianna Karaian, each quarter they bring together a group of contributors with a fresh perspective on a thought-provoking topic.
The Fix issue, winter 2017 makes for a great read. Thank you Daianna for featuring our What's Bugging You? map in the Wishlist: a curated set of items for getting your fix on.

They are working on their next issue: STREET. Daianna is looking for a talented team of writers, photographers, designers, illustrators and other creators to show what thoughtful lifestyle, design and culture looks like out on the street. If you or someone you know would like to be featured, take a look at how they work with contributors and get in touch, or subscribe to their newsletter.

And finally, thank you to Eminé Rushton for featuring our Let's negotiate map in the #360me section of the December 2016 issue of Psychologies.

Psychologies - Let's Negotiate



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Seth Godin live Q&A in London

Posted on November 02, 2015 by Tina Bernstein

If you're into marketing or into Entrepreneurship, you would have heard of Seth Godin.

So, who is Seth Godin? He's an American best selling author, entrepreneur, marketer, blogger and public speaker. His popular daily blog is gospel to many people and his TED talk: the tribes we lead is one of my favourites. Seth has written 18 books.

So why am I telling you all this? Ah, because in a few hours I'll be one of the lucky people to experience Seth Godin live Q&A in London and I am beyond excited!

Nearly five hours of Q&A, covering strategy, tactics and the revolution we're all living in, this full-day intensive, for like-minded people, is aimed at providing us with a foundation to leap. This is our chance to meet fellow "ruckusmakers", ask questions, and most of all, learn from the challenges others are facing.

All tickets sold within a couple of days and all attendees were invited to join the live Slack group.

You don't have to loose out. In 2014, Seth created three courses on Skillshare:

The New Business Insider - learn to understand and build new projects and businesses. Among the top-rated courses on Skillshare.
Learn more.

The Modern Marketing Workshop - the definitive marketing course online, more than 10,000 students have enrolled.
Learn more.

The Impresario Institute - Build and lead a tribe, recorded in front of a live audience.
Learn more.


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