New guide: how to grow your NO

Posted on August 28, 2018 by Tina Bernstein

We have exciting news! A brand new Mapology Guide launches today, with a couple more hopefully before the end of 2018.

What is this one about?

How To Grow Your NO - this tiny word will change your life

Concept and Design Tina Bernstein // Illustrated by Nic Farrell // 
Written by Lottie Storey

It’s easy to think that the ability to say NO - like a talent for gardening - is something you’re either born with or you’re not. But that’s simply not true. Just like you can turn brown fingers green, saying NO is a skill we can all develop and grow. And it can change your life.

This guide will help you figure out when, where and with whom to use your carefully chosen NO. Say goodbye to feeling resentful, weary and put upon! Get ready to stay in control and stand your ground, and watch your life change for the better.

Detail of How To Grow Your NO guide illustrated by Nic Farrell

Detail of How To Grow Your NO guide illustrated by Nic Farrell

Hop over to the shop to see further details and to purchase.

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Ladybird by Design at the House of Illustration

Posted on July 14, 2015 by Tina Bernstein

There's always so much to do in London and so very little time.

We at Mapology Guides are great fans of everything illustration, especially in books, magazines and maps. Anywhere where one tells a story through visual communication.

Lucky for us, the brilliant House of Illustration's summer exhibition, entitled Ladybird by Design, features over 120 original illustrations from classic Ladybird titles, in celebration of 100 years of Ladybird Books.

"Specially commissioned illustrations, clever format and compelling design, combined with the quality of the writing, were key to the success of the Ladybird books. Unparalleled in their perfectly observed attention to detail and unique sense of place, the books demonstrate the power of illustration to open up the world to children and their parents, grandparents and teachers alike."

This exhibition is a gem and a source of inspiration for all, young and old.

Ladybird by Design features iconic images from Ladybird series including People At Work, Shopping With Mother, Science, Nature, Well Loved Tales and Key Words, as well as rare photographs and correspondence.

Ladybird by Design at the House of Illustration

Ladybird by Design at the House of Illustration

Ladybird by Design at the House of Illustration

Ladybird by Design at the House of Illustration

The shop, filled to the brim with interesting illustration books, greeting cards and so much more has a variety of products accompanying this exhibition. A box of 100 postcards, the exhibition catalogue, a series of Ladybird prints depicting the alphabet and they also found some original vintage Ladybird books where the proceeds from the sale goes towards the cost of running their extensive education programme.

Ladybird by Design at the House of Illustration

And here’s what I managed to pick up. The Ladybird book of London has been reproduced but the one on food and Gerry the Giraffe are originals. Hurry though, the vintage ones will sell out fast.

Ladybird by Design at the House of Illustration

Check out their website for details of Ladybird inspired talks and events, late gallery openings and family workshops.

Ladybird by Design
10 July – 27 September
House of Illustration
2 Granary Square
Kings Cross
London N1C 4BH
Open 10am – 6pm Tuesdays – Sundays

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