It must be the pandemic when you realise you never blogged about a new Mapology Guide that launched back in May 2020.

Excited to reveal here our 'What's with this Gratitude thing? - how to make the ordinary extraordinary

Gratitude, Mapology Guides, maps
Concept and Design Tina Bernstein // Illustrated by Stephanie Hofmann// 
Written by Julia Wills

Want to feel more joy?

Do your days blur into one? Does life feel like a out-of-control treadmill? Do you sometimes wonder where your happy went? 

In a world that thrives on bad news and gloom, it's easy to lose our way. Overwhelmed by 24-hour headlines, social media, our never-ending to-do lists and avalanching demands, it's no surprise we can forget to simply stop, see and feel.

Research is now revealing the life-enhancing effects of gratitude. Practiced daily, it will change the way you see your world and experience life.

We thought it's the perfect theme for the times we live in. There's so much to be thankful and grateful for right now, when all of us are going through major changes. Despite the hardship, so many people and communities have pulled together to show the strength that comes from the collective. Who and what are you thankful and grateful for? We gave a nod to #clapforourcarers and our postal delivery workers. If we could we would have included all frontline workers.

Gratitude map, Mapology Guides

Gratitude map, Mapology Guides

We also started a new category and are offering the gratitude poster side as a stand alone print on art paper. You have the possibility to personalise it. 

Head over to the shop to see this map to see further details and purchase.

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