Launching brand new Mapology Guides

Posted on July 01, 2016 by Tina Bernstein

We're ecstatic to announce the launch of our brand new Mapology Guides. They've been in the works for many months and it is always such a labour of love.

Selecting our contributors is a very exciting, yet challenging part as we try and make sure we'll have a great working relationship and that they'll be able to grasp the Mapology thinking method. All this takes time. So when we unveil new maps, it very much feels like a birth.

May I present our brand new maps to you.

Let's Negotiate mapLet's Negotiate //Concept and Design Mike Abrahams and Tina Bernstein // Illustrator Ana Jaks // Writer Daniel Dresner

Let's Negotiate mapDetail of Let's Negotiate map

Do you ever negotiate in your relationships? Hmm,we do it on a daily basis with loved ones, friends and family, often unaware that we're actually doing it. As very few of us are trained in how to negotiate, many situations can end in misunderstanding at best and conflict at worst.

Let's Negotiate contains 15 beautifully illustrated fun tips to help you hone those skills. That way you’ll be better at navigating the inevitable choppy waters of every relationship.

How to make better decisionsHow to Make Better Decisions //Concept and Design Mike Abrahams and Tina Bernstein // Illustrator Sarah Edmonds // Writer Robert Twigger

Decision making map

Do you struggle to make decisions, from what to eat for lunch to asking for a pay rise? Do you panic at the thought of dealing with your dilemmas? Imagine if decision making was easy. How to Make Better Decisions contains an algorithm with nine tools which should help you resolve any dilemma, quickly and easily.

Why not hop over to the online shop where they've just been uploaded. Give us a few weeks to get them to retail shops. 

Oh, one more thing. We're also unveiling our atelier. Go and see what that's all about.