Our very first press coverage!

Posted on November 14, 2014 by Tina Bernstein

When you launch a new venture it is always nerve-racking. That's when the real work starts..... getting out there, finding stockists, making a name for yourself, keeping up with Social Media..... the list goes on. You hope that people will like it as much as you do and that you will find your audience.

What is wonderful and humbling is when you get written about in a way you can only dream about. That's when you learn how other people see your creation.

As our second week 'out in the world' comes to an end, it is with great pride that we've been featured on three separate blogs and zines.

Thank you to Doris Lee of Interiornovice for a great post (revealing her favourite map) and giveaway (you can still enter).

Thank you to Gerard McGuickin of Walnut Grey Design for the amazing words (such a great wordsmith)!

Thank you to Igor Josif of Happy Interior Blog for a truly 'happy' post (he is Mr Happy)

Thank you guys. Happy weekend everyone.