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It's always so exciting when Mapology Guides gets mentioned in magazines and I'm so very grateful for it.

Thank you to Project Calm Magazine, who have mentioned Mapology Guides before, for this incredible full-length feature in this special edition entitled: Creative Journeys - artistic inspiration from around the world.

This 32-page travel inspiration book is full of beautiful articles, photos and inspiring creative souls and I feel incredibly humbled to have been asked to be part of it.

Thank you to the wonderful Lottie Storey who was editor of this Creative Special.


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Posted on April 22, 2019 by Tina Bernstein

Want to know more about über-talented Jenni Sparks? Then watch this super cool video shot by Dom Soar.

Jenni Sparks was the very first illustrator we reached out to before launching Mapology Guides and she illustrated our very first map: What's Bugging You?

 As we're nearing our 10th map, we invited Jenni back to illustrated our latest offering: The Anger Apothecary




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So very chuffed to announce the launch of a brand new Mapology Guide, the first one for 2019.

A juicy topic, don't you think? 
In this latest guide we are dispensing advice on how to manage our anger, from the quick fixes to the longer term solutions. 

The Anger Apothecary - dispensing advice for managing this strong emotion

Concept and Design Tina Bernstein // Illustrated by Jenni Sparks // 
Written by Lottie Storey

What makes you angry?

Most of us don’t have the tools to manage strong emotions. And anger is one of the strongest us humans experience. Anger can be scary, both when it rises within us and when we’re on the receiving end of someone else’s rage. Channelled correctly, though, it’s one of our most powerful teachers.

This guide will help you understand this powerful emotion. Learn to do anger well and use your powers for good!

Some details of The Anger Apothecary - all illustrations Jenni Sparks

Here's a fun fact. Jenni was the first illustrator we contacted when we formed Mapology Guides. That's when What's Bugging You? was born. It seemed fitting to ask Jenni to illustrate our latest offerings. She was just the right person to do so as she explains in her bio inside the map.

Why not hop over to the shop and see further information.

OVERTHINKING map in Blurt Buddy Box

Posted on January 11, 2019 by Tina Bernstein

We are so very super chuffed to be able to reveal that our OVERTHINKING: the not-so-fun fair guide was in the Blurt Foundation's December BuddyBox.

The BuddyBox is a subscription box with substance, designed to counter the pressures we face in modern life. Packed full of thoughtful, mood-lifting treats, the BuddyBox comforts, delights and gives you that warm, ‘I’ve been cared for’ feeling inside. In other words – it’s a hug in a box.

You can see the content of the December Buddy Box themed 'S-elf-Care is Snow Joke' here:

Instagram Image © @annabellend

Thank you Blurt! Truly humbled.


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I'm delighted to share that Mapology Guides now has distribution for the UK and the US (including Canada) with the lovely Sudha and Lee from Goldhawk International Book Solutions - this is a very exciting time and an incredible end to 2018.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. I think it also takes a village to build a business. There are so many people to thank - too many - so I will pick some pivotal moments.

1. My ex-business partner Mike, who said yes to my crazy idea on paper and helped me shape what is now Mapology Guides.

2. The very first stockist - Foyles Books - couldn't quite believe they said yes and put the very first three Mapology Guides by the tills in Charing Cross road.

3. The lovely Eminé Rushton - Wellbeing Director-at-large at Psychologies magazine, who was the first to feature Mapology Guides in a magazine (Dec. 2016).
That was huge and really gave us visibility.

4. The incredible Jayne Hardy, creator of The Blurt Foundation and Buddy Boxes - and author of The Self-Care Project and 365 Days of Self-Care: A Journal, who's continued support means the world.

5. The visionary serial entrepreneur Sidonie Warren of Papersmiths and Two Palms, who's stationery emporium sells 'Goods to inspire & tools to create'. Thank you for believing in me.

As I said, there are many to thank. A HUGE thank you goes to all the incredibly talented illustrators and writers that I've had the pleasure to work with.

Mapology Guides might look colourful and simple, but they are incredibly complex to create. A lot of hard work and love is poured into every single one.

To all my stockists, every single person who has bought a map, everyone on Social Media that has liked a picture or left a comment. A thousand thank yous.

New guide: Overthinking: The not-so-fun fair

Posted on December 05, 2018 by Tina Bernstein

Woohoo! A brand new Mapology Guide launches today, with the next one out in February 2019.

What is this one about?

Overthinking - the not-so-fun fair

Concept and Design Tina Bernstein // Illustrated by David Knight // 
Written by Lottie Storey

Can’t stop overthinking?
You’re not alone. Most of us worry about the future, ruminate about the past, and get bogged down in concerns or regrets (often both!).
But there is a way to turn down the volume on that busy brain of yours, even if it doesn’t feel possible right now.

This guide will help you discover proven ways to change your thinking and lead a more peaceful 

Detail of Overthinking - the not-so-fun fair illustrated by David Knight

Detail of Overthinking - the not-so-fun fair illustrated by David Knight
Hop over to the shop to see further details and to purchase.

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