Posted on January 13, 2020 by Tina Bernstein

This is a post to all companies out there who think they can just go and copy a Mapology Guide.

A true story: Back in December I got a manipulative email from a female managing director of a British brand with over 1000 employees (and ACCREDITED as a B’Corp!!!) telling me she had ‘just’ seen what her team put together for an internal project for all staff. A brilliant one-sided visual diagram which she then was told was ‘inspired’ by Mapology Guides - apparently some of her team are big fans!

I was only sent ONE PART of what was being created. The rest was played down. I was taken aback by the sheer ‘copying’ of style/graphics/visuals and language used. She indicated she is merely emailing to seek my "blessing as that’s only the right thing to do". As a thank you they would credit Mapology Guides with ‘inspired by...’ on their piece of work.

Being busy before Christmas, I took the decision to be generous and reluctantly agreed - asking for a printed version when they have it. I strongly voiced my displeasure and reminded her that it’s NOT OK to copy from small CREATIVE independents.
I got a response letting me know she knows how it feels when 'their products get copied' and all of a sudden offering to go to plan B if I’m not comfortable with it. As I had already agreed, I left it at that.

A few days ago I did get sent the printed version. I had no idea what to expect (as I only saw a part of what was done) but assumed, after my stern response, they would have maybe created an A5 leaflet, a booklet or a poster for their staff to hang up. NO! They actually COPIED AN ENTIRE Mapology Guide. All they did is drop in their content (but still stealing some of our creative writing). An A2 sheet of paper folded into A6, they used every panel layout the way we did in that particular map. Same style, same everything. They plagiarised the entire Mapology Guides concept - in the name of ‘inspired by’.

I was shocked how any company of that ilk can go ahead and copy a whole concept without thinking this is complete copyright infringement in EVERY WAY. If she or they would have spent a minute researching what we do, they would have seen that we also create bespoke Mapology Guides for businesses and organisation, which they PAY FOR! They decided to just buy a Mapology Guide
for £5, take the full blueprint - layout, concept, style and metaphor - and adjust their content to it.I wonder whether they have ever heard of Intellectual Property (IP).

Who can guess what happened next? Yes, I emailed saying that Mapology Guides is trademarked and has design registration and EVERYTHING on every map is copyrighted. They must destroy the guides with immediate effect or I will tell B Corp about this and take legal action.

They obviously immediately agreed and called it an ‘unfortunate' MIS-UNDERSTANDING, but then - in a last attempt, when the realisation of loosing all that work and money spent hit home - I got a final email sheepishly asking whether I would be prepared to accept a licensing fee: “ that way your business will benefit too.. “ Final nail in the coffin! Scrap and recycle….no ifs and buts.

Let this be a warning to all out there. But if any of you 1000+ of that company are reading this…. if I see any copy of that badly imitated, cheaply printed and substandard guide ANYWHERE on social media or floating about somewhere, I will name and shame you, come after you and show you what true creativity is. Shameful!

Oh, and you don’t deserve your signature: 'Certified B-Corp: Using business as a force for good in society'

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Mapology Guides in EasyJet Magazine - December 2019 issue

Posted on December 06, 2019 by Tina Bernstein

Many thanks to Ink Global for mentioning Mapology Guides in the EasyJet magazine December issue.

If you fancy reading the whole issue, you can do so here


Posted on October 26, 2019 by Tina Bernstein

Mapology Guides are very excited to be part of this new retail experience.

Founded by Christina Larkin, the aim is to open pop up stores featuring some of the most exciting female founded, ethical and environmentally conscious online brands in the UK. For and by 'women who give a shit'!

This is about reimagining retail. This is about offering something more interactive. Come meet the founders (yes, I'll be there some of the time), go join a talk or a workshop. Discover some cool brands.

The venue is Boxpark Shoreditch, in their flagship 5-unit store (which has previously only been entrusted to well known brands including Nike). Maybe a shift is coming. Christina certainly hopes so!

All brands participating will be announced by on Instagram over the next couple of weeks.

Look forward to meeting some of you.


Posted on August 13, 2019 by Tina Bernstein

It’s my birthday and I am 55! How did this happen? When I was younger, I had these preconceived ideas of what people were like when they were 50 and over – they were OLD. I am and to be honest, I feel a lot younger than I felt when I was … er, younger. Back then, everything felt heavy and I was weighted down with the woes of the world. Not so now.

It's therefore appropriate that the 10th map just published in the Mapology Guides range (a real milestone) is entitled: The Sea of Uncertainty - how to stay afloat in challenging times.

I enjoy imparting some of my hard earned wisdom - that’s what all those years in psychotherapy and actual living have brought me. I’ve been reflecting on the last 55 years and everything I’ve learned, so I thought I'd share the most important lessons. 

  1. Make peace with your past so it doesn’t screw up the present.
  2. Life isn’t always fair, but it’s still damn good.
  3. Despite what you might have heard, you can create your own life.
  4. As a child, you are not responsible for your circumstances. As an adult, you are.
  5. When you suppress a feeling, it doesn’t just go away. It goes into your body.
  6. Mindfulness is the key to so many doors.
  7. Don’t compare your life to others. Strive to be unique. Forge out your own path.
  8. Chasing fame is unsatisfactory. Chase meaning and purpose.
  9. Getting university degrees is easy. Knowing yourself is hard.
10. Family is people who love, care and support you. They don’t have to be blood.
11. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.
12. Most people are kind.
13. You attract the experiences you believe you deserve.
14. Do what you love every day.
15. Compromise is underrated.
16. Patience is a true virtue. Stop hurrying.
17. Run far away from toxic people. They’ll poison you.
18. It’s good to talk. Please try and express yourself. Life will be easier.
19. However good or bad a situation is, this too shall pass.
20. Time heals almost everything. Give time the time it deserves.
21. Forgive everyone everything.
22. It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.
23. Make your life as colourful as possible.
24. Live in the present. It’s the best place to be.
25. The most important person to have on your side is you.
26. Empathy is the lifeline to every relationship.
27. People are like plants. They need light to grow. Love is light.
28. Children get only one childhood. It’s the foundation for the rest of their lives.
29. Prevention is better than reaction.
30. Be gracious, be humble and remember your roots.
31. Be an eternal student. 
32. It’s definitely quality over quantity.
33. It’s good to cry. Having a witness is even better.
34. ‘A life unexamined is a life not worth living’ is the best quote ever.
35. Life is short. Make it your priority.
36. Curiosity is the gateway to an exciting and fulfilling life.
37. Respect the elderly. They have a lot to teach us.
38. Beauty comes and goes. Invest in values and wisdom instead.
39. Go and find your people, your tribe.
40. There was life before the internet. Seek it out.
41. Gather an emotional toolbox. It will come handy.
42. Give your time, not just money.
43. Wholesome, plant based food heals many ailments and is very underrated.
44. Knowledge is power. Equip yourself with as much knowledge as possible.
45. A woman comes into her own at 40. Trust me, it's true.
46. Be ‘playful’ and ‘childish’ at any age. 
47. The best is still to come. Make every year your best year yet.
48. Learn from mistakes. Repeating them is not wise.
49. Vulnerability shows great strength. It's sexy too.
50. ‘Love’ is the answer to life and it comes in many disguises.
51. Sex gets better with age. 
52. You control your mind. It does not control you.
53. Shame is one of the most destructive of feelings there is.
54. Self-knowledge and self-love are essential for true happiness.
55. If you earnestly look for answers, you will find them.

If you want to know more about me or how Mapology Guides came about, I was recently invited on Holly Tucker's podcast Conversations of Inspirations episode (45) - mapping out a business in happiness.

And since I read this quote from Mark Constantine, co-founder of Lush, I've actually been looking forward to turning 55.

But hey, foremost, life is short, don't take it and yourself too seriously and don't ever forget to have fun, lots of it!
Tina x

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Posted on August 02, 2019 by Tina Bernstein

Here at Mapology Guides HQ we are celebrating a bit of a milestone. We've just launched map No.10, entitled: The Sea of Uncertainty - how to stay afloat in challenging times.

The Sea of Uncertainty - how to stay afloat in challenging times

Concept and Design Tina Bernstein // Illustrated by Ben Langworthy// 
Written by Lottie Storey

Every generation has its challenges - the ones that leave us all at sea - and today is no different. Right now, many of us have heads full of environmental concerns, political upheaval, financial worries as well as the things that cause internal turmoil. 

Comparison, feelings of anxiety, lack of self worth can feel like a storm that never breaks, leaving us on the rocks. We're overwhelmed and in danger of going overboard. But like a pearl in an oyster, challenges often have opportunities concealed deep within. The trick is figuring out where the treasure is buried.

This guide will help you adapt and become resilient, conquer fear and dive into the unknown.

Hop over to the shop to see further details and to purchase.

The Anger Apothecary in Buddy Boxes

Posted on August 02, 2019 by Tina Bernstein

We are so very super proud to be able to reveal that our The Anger Apothecary map was in the Blurt Foundation's March's BuddyBox.

The BuddyBox is a subscription box with substance, designed to counter the pressures we face in modern life. Packed full of thoughtful, mood-lifting treats, the BuddyBox comforts, delights and gives you that warm, ‘I’ve been cared for’ feeling inside. In other words – it’s a hug in a box.

Thank you Blurt Foundation x


Posted on May 12, 2019 by Tina Bernstein

It's always so exciting when Mapology Guides gets mentioned in magazines and I'm so very grateful for it.

Thank you to Project Calm Magazine, who have mentioned Mapology Guides before, for this incredible full-length feature in this special edition entitled: Creative Journeys - artistic inspiration from around the world.

This 32-page travel inspiration book is full of beautiful articles, photos and inspiring creative souls and I feel incredibly humbled to have been asked to be part of it.

Thank you to the wonderful Lottie Storey who was editor of this Creative Special.

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