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Seth Godin live Q&A in London

If you're into marketing or into Entrepreneurship, you would have heard of Seth Godin.

So, who is Seth Godin? He's an American best selling author, entrepreneur, marketer, blogger and public speaker. His popular daily blog is gospel to many people and his TED talk: the tribes we lead is one of my favourites. Seth has written 18 books.

So why am I telling you all this? Ah, because in a few hours I'll be one of the lucky people to experience Seth Godin live Q&A in London and I am beyond excited!

Nearly five hours of Q&A, covering strategy, tactics and the revolution we're all living in, this full-day intensive, for like-minded people, is aimed at providing us with a foundation to leap. This is our chance to meet fellow "ruckusmakers", ask questions, and most of all, learn from the challenges others are facing.

All tickets sold within a couple of days and all attendees were invited to join the live Slack group.

You don't have to loose out. In 2014, Seth created three courses on Skillshare:

The New Business Insider - learn to understand and build new projects and businesses. Among the top-rated courses on Skillshare.
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The Modern Marketing Workshop - the definitive marketing course online, more than 10,000 students have enrolled.
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The Impresario Institute - Build and lead a tribe, recorded in front of a live audience.
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